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A Quest to Standout

Bimbi Philips is the breath of fresh air that the Afrobeats world has been waiting for. You only need to spend a few hours with him before you realise how vast and abstract his imagination is. His nearest and dearest describe him as a fun, free spirited and a creative canon on the loose.

A personality far from your typical ‘London Life, Lagos Living’ fame famished artist. Believe it or not, but he has no secret agenda and is without ulterior motives. His mission is simple; to entertain audiences around the world with mind blowing musical experiences that they will never, ever forget. Whether it’s through music or my approach to business and life in general, I will always find a way to encourage people to challenge the status quo.

Truth be told, my musical journey has been far from a ‘smooth sailing’. At times the weight of continuous disappointment and repeated rejection has been simply unbearable. Just like everyone else, life has dealt me its fair share of blows. But that has never deterred me.

The rollercoaster ride may have been rocky and rather unnerving, but it has certainly not been in vain. It has served as the litmus test of my unwavering passion to see my dream of connecting with people through music, come to life. My determination to shatter the stereotypes that I’m bound to face as a new artist has made me develop innovative strategies on creating my own market space within a rapidly growing genre of music.

Having the lyrical diversity, strong desire to arouse emotions and a gift of powerful vocals, coupled with a unique style of performance for my audiences are some of my many qualities that sets me apart from the masses.

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