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Introducing Bimbi Philips

‘It’s Bimbi’ was a track written to introduce Bimbi Philips and his new style of production to a worldwide audience. It was a project of much excitement for him especially when it was drawn to his attention that his first ever single was trending on Twitter in Nigeria. Coming off that success, Bimbi also hoped to achieve the same feat with the UK audience which, to some degree was achieved when UK’s very own renowned BBC Radio DJ TS7 requested to remix Bimbi’s hit single.

Bimbi is very much inspired by the sounds of Fela Kuti and captivated by the candidness of Kanye West. Bimbi has spent years experimenting and getting to grips with the different textures and tones that make up his compelling voice and believes that the time is now for him to put out that substance the world is yet to fully experience.

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