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Business Growth, Engineered Differently

We buy and invest in small businesses. Have you considered how to value your business, or are
you open to talking about how we’d value yours?


Worst case you have one investor take, best case it’s a number that seems interesting and an option for you?”

Thinking of selling your business?

Rethinking Investment, Revitalizing Business
At Bimbi Philips, we see beyond the numbers; we envision potential. Whether you're pondering the value of your business or considering a partnership that propels growth, our approach is tailored to uncover hidden opportunities.


We offer a dual prospect: worst case, you gain a keen investor; best case, an appealing valuation that could redefine your future. Let's discuss how we can turn the possibility into a strategic advantage for you. Together, we solve the puzzle of business growth—differently.

We are a UK-based ethical private investor who looks to acquire and grow businesses. If you are an existing business owner and for whatever reason you are looking to sell I would love to talk to you.

We fully understand that you have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into your business to make it what it is today. We have been there too. We want you to look on us as a safe pair of hands.

As a private investor we are actively looking to add to our portfolio of businesses.

For an initial and confidential discussion complete your details in the box below and let's set up an initial call at your convenience.

We run businesses in the tech space, travel industry, music industry, growing small businesses, as well as, consult for large corporations, and we are looking to acquire other businesses.

We look for established companies that are currently in a turnaround situation; either because the owner is ready to retire from the business or because their situation has become unmanageable.

With any opportunity, the first thing we look for is where we can add value. This we have done in music business, travel technology, business IT consulting, etc.

Some of the investment opportunities we look for


£500k - £10m EBITDA or in revenue


Average profit margin


Average multiple, however open to discussion

12+ yrs

Business in operation

Get in Touch

Sometimes all a business needs is a fresh pair of eyes, someone who can see things from a different perspective and can implement change; whether that is updating technology, streamlining processes or renegotiating creditor agreements.

For us, structuring deals is about making sure everybody wins.

We believe anyone who has started a business has done so at great risk, and what they have created is a credit to their talent and hard work, and any deal should leave them feeling their business was and is a success.

We are also happy to work with business owners who still want to be involved.

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you shortly.

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