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Life isn't a template


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Solve problems, differently.

This is what drives us at Bimbi Philips.

In a world teeming with challenges and opportunities alike, everyone focuses on innovation and transformation. We are deliberate in making a difference, bringing that breath of fresh air, that extra push, the extra to the ordinary.

We aim to father the opportunities of the present, meticulously weaving them into the fabric of a better tomorrow. Each venture under our wing is a testament to this position, From the realms of IT and tech to the vibrant stages of musical celebration, from the collaborative networks of African entrepreneurs to the joyous gatherings at our Victory Centre, and the journeys through borders facilitated by Travel Jinni.

We are dedicated to harnessing the power of technology, creativity, and community to craft solutions that are not just innovative but also inclusive. Through our diverse ventures, we are committed to inspire, connect, and empower individuals and communities, proving that with the right approach, we're not just here to solve problems but solve problems–differently.

Redefining possibilities across technology, travel, media and community—not just transforming challenges into opportunities, but creating a future where innovation meets impact.

We are the change we seek

Let's make a difference!

IT Challenges, Solved Differently

Abstract Shapes

Harnessing innovation and deep industry knowledge, we transform complex IT issues into opportunities for growth, delivering solutions that are not just effective but revolutionary.

Group Hike

Revolutionizing the way group travel is financed and managed, we eliminate the stress of collecting payments, ensuring every journey is about memories, not money hassles.

Group Travel Payments, Solved Differently

Connecting African Innovators, Differently

Business People Talking

Fostering a unique platform for African entrepreneurs in the diaspora, we bridge gaps and create opportunities through collaboration, shaping the future of entrepreneurship with a new perspective.

New Year Party

In the heart of Lagos, we offer a venue that embodies the spirit of victory, crafting unforgettable celebrations with an understanding of what truly drives us.

Event Celebrations, Done Differently

Music & Entertainment, Delivered Differently


With a focus on celebrating women and shared human experiences, we bring a new depth to entertainment, where every performance is more than a show—it's a movement.

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